tirsdag, november 01, 2011

The 2011 Fashion SWAT Hell-of-ween Scaretober Movie Monster Maelstrom

Do you remember what it was like to die? How could you, because you've been a ghost for so long muhahahaha! You probably forgot! Now it's time to remember and die all over again! Come one, come all, goblins, boogeymen, ghosts, ghouls and goofs to this season's annual reunion of Count Zackula and Dr. Thorpenstein. No costumed tots or be-togged dogs to spoil the fun, just a bunch of movie monsters we found fiendishly frightmarish!

Dr. Thorpenstein: BooOOoOooo, my ghostly babies! The night of witches and demons and far-away animal noises approaches-- can you handle the bone-chilling fright of a FASHION SWAT HALLOWEEN MONSTER MASH?

Zackula: Imagine your mother about to be crushed by the jaws of a sea beast and just in time you pull her to safety only to find...your mother is a wolf and she has your face! Just one of many shocking scenarios that could play out to a bloody conclusion tonight, if you foolishly turn your back on a drug.

Dr. Thorpenstein: Count Zackula has prepared a mortifying menagerie of malevolent mutilators for our grim delight... as long as we don't DIE of SCARINESS before the night's end!