lørdag, april 05, 2008

JFK Hilarious

In November of 2004 a videogame entitled "JFK Reloaded" stirred up a firestorm in the media. The game allowed you to spend roughly a minute in the Dallas Book Depository as Lee Harvey Oswald. The stated intent of the game was to help disprove multiple shooter theories by allowing a person to recreate the seemingly impossible bullet trajectories during the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The usual suspects in the media erupted in the usual outrage. Ted Kennedy was understandably upset and Joseph Lieberman was unsurprisingly even more upset. It was another example of outrageous violence in videogames. Why, it was a trainer teaching kids how to kill the president!

While the politicians flew off the handle the press reported the controversy dutifully. A few editorialists layered on the melodrama in pretentious columns about just how disturbing they found the game. Slate columnist Clive Thompson poured his heart into an article about how utterly wrenching he found the experience of JFK Reloaded.


En gammel SA artikkel til glede for både gamle og nye lesere. Grunnen til at jeg poster den nå er fordi jeg kom over denne videoen laget av noen SA Goons.