mandag, april 27, 2015

I Am Just Helping Complete Idiots Be Their Best Selves

Much has been said about the medical advice I offer on my talk show. Words like "good" and "great" have often be preceded by the word "not." Most of these critics have been so-called "health professionals." You know, people working for an industry that is directly linked to giving medicine to people. Think about that: they are profiting from giving you medicine and they want to stop me from telling you to feed your heart pills to your cat and drink lotus juice.

They profit from the industry of health. What do I profit from? Giving idiots solutions. I am about more than just pumping you full of pills. I can see the whole picture and that picture is helping you realize your best self.

Now listen very carefully, because I know you are easily distracted and I want to talk to you about the iron man diet.