tirsdag, oktober 09, 2012

Actual Satanic Rituals Assembled from Media Reports of the 1980s

A fear of Satanism permeated the media from the early 1980s to the early 1990s. Fueled by a rise in occult-themed rock music and other dark forms of entertainment aimed at teens, this paranoia gripped small town sheriffs and concerned citizens across the United States. For a while it seemed like cults were springing up everywhere. Theories were floated no matter how far-fetched and every body found that was gnawed on by a raccoon was presumed to be part of a ritual praising Satan. The details of elaborate (and usually fake) rituals leaked into the media.

So what were these evil satanic rituals like? It varied wildly, from sex to weird piss videos to burning puppies, anything could be done in praise to Satan.