tirsdag, mai 01, 2012

Contrail Science

ContrailScience.com is just a place where I write about both contrails and science – which also includes some looking at the “chemtrail” theory, and the pseudoscience associated with it.

My name is Mick West, I have private pilot training up to long distance solo certification, and have flown a 150 mile solo flight. I’ve been training out of Santa Monica airport, so I know the airspace round here. I like writing, and figuring things out. I’ve been writing about contrails and the “chemtrail” theory since 2007.

I’m not a scientist, or a meteorologist, but I try to ensure that what I post is comprised of independently verifiable facts. You can check these facts yourself. If you find ANY error on this site, then let me know and I will issue a correction immediately.

I’m not paid for this. I do not work for anyone in conjunction with this site. I’m just some guy.