søndag, april 22, 2012

Forgotten Hunger Games Deaths

Haank: Suffered attack of scientifically modified hay fever. Season 2
Jasperalia: Won first ever pie eating contest. Then exploded. Season 3
Blian: Lost half his face after ambitious beard shaping accident. Season 6
Alyx: Caught after dark wearing a hoodie. Season 8
Draggle: Inopportune time to pick new cellphone ringtone. Season 10
Zak: Got shoelaces stuck in escalator. Season 11
Kavin: Used 4square to check in at "knocked over pine tree hideout covered in mushrooms." Season 12
Treont: Old age. Season 13 - 63
ZZipa: Confused hiking gear's water-bottle with oft-forgotten hydrochloric acid-bottle. Season 14