torsdag, juli 28, 2011

PrisonProse: Creative Fiction from Inmates

Space Wars: The Moon Chronicles
Chapter 1: Trouble in Quadrant 7

Night hung heavy over the future. Admiral Duke Johnson adjusted his space technician suit with a heavy sigh. Before him sat eight lonely hours of scouring the surface for its precious moon dust.

He clicked on his radar. Nope, nothing for miles. And what was that shape approaching on the horizon? Duke peered into the distance and rubbed his eyes through his helmet somehow. "You son of a bitch!" The voice came from Randall Smith, seated atop a glistening new Astro-Bike. "Only cost me 2000 credits. Work a few extra shifts a week and you might be sitting where I am one day." Duke paused to turn up the loop of Use Your Illusion II that played inside his space suit at all times, then thought better of it. But if he had his way, Randall would be knock-knock-knockin' on heaven's door.

"What do you want, Smith? Come here to bust my balls?"