lørdag, juni 11, 2011

The Final Myth Busted

We are not animals, we are something more. The only myth that remains to be tested. The last thing separating us from the truth of all things in this universe.

There is god. There is life beyond this. There is meaning to our actions. Myths dispelled by the explosion of a ballistics gel torso, the launching of a pig carcass by catapult, the passing of third rail current through stigmatic blood. Through our deeds we have formed a post-post-rational universe, compelled to act by forces we do not understand, but have reduced to the binary: busted or confirmed. Ordered pairs of truth and falsehood. We know what is true and we do not care why.

We dream when we die. Myth busted by a decompression experiment in a simulated motel in a rock quarry with a black powder fuse. Grant Inahara violently compressed to the size of a marble. We answered your death dream emails. Re-busted with the focused sunlight from polished metal discs aimed at human heads. There is a slight sizzle in the air, the steam from the cooking brain fractures the skull. If this were a dream we would all still be alive.