fredag, desember 17, 2010

Emergency Budget Hearing for Funding of the Battlecruiser Golgothus Imperator

Admirals, generals, planetary potentates, war wizards, ultro moffs, grand bursars, mecha-notaries, and master penmen of the holy order of battle scribes, thank you for attending this meeting of offices of the Human Hegemony. I know it was a long trip for those of you coming from the Oracular Nebula. I appreciate it.

For those of you who are receiving this transmission in your communichairs, I appreciate your time as well. I know your duties may not allow attending all of these meetings in person.

I have called you all here from across the space sector to discuss my concerns with budget overruns on the construction of the new battlecruiser HHSS Golgothus Imperator at the Cadbury Shipyards. Nobody wants a repeat of the HHSS Byzantine Scimitar fiasco. Per our agreement of last year all warships built for the endless struggle against the Zondorian armada were to be overseen by my office and to adhere to strict streamlining and budget requirements.