fredag, oktober 29, 2010

Horror Stories from the Road

For most musicians on tour, strange situations are a daily occurrence; a result of traveling, meeting crazed fans, and spending time with other performers in varying states of sobriety. Sometimes, however, a day on the road goes beyond simple quirkiness and enters the realm of the truly spooky. In the spirit of Halloween, we present some of the most bone-chilling tales from the road.

Sugar Ray

In 1997, Sugar Ray were huge thanks to the success of "Fly." Hoping to lay low, hunky heartthrob Mark McGrath ducked into a small bar after arriving in Minneapolis.

Halfway through his second Roy Rogers, a woman took a seat at the far end of the bar. She was gorgeous, and she didn't recognize Mark. He was intrigued. After chatting her up for the better part of an hour, the singer asked for the woman's number. With a sly smile, she reached for a napkin and obliged.

McGrath looked at the number, and it was 13! Gasping, he turned to the woman and realized she was a black cat! Backing up and screeching, he then saw that he wasn't in a bar at all, but in a scary graveyard! He dropped his drink, and when the glass shattered it turned out to be a bottle of Zima!

Ozzy Osbourne

While performing in Des Moines, Iowa in 1982, Ozzy Osbourne bit the head off what he assumed was a rubber bat. It was, however, not rubber at all. It was drummer Lee Kerslake.