tirsdag, oktober 12, 2010

Gitmo Detainee Says Years of U.S. Tortures Were as Bad as Taliban's

A former Taliban prisoner and member of the so-called "Kandahar Five" says U.S. officials wrongfully classified him as a terrorist and sent him to Guantanamo Bay, where he was tortured for 7 years. The U.S. tortures came after the Taliban had tortured him for resisting their forced training in Afghanistan, Abdul Al Janko says in his federal complaint. He sued Defense Secretary Robert Gates and 13 other past and present officials for civil rights violations.
Janko says his nightmare began after he left the United Arab Emirates in 1999 because of a family dispute. He says he soon found himself being held against his will in Afghanistan, where he was forced into combat training in a Taliban camp near Kandahar.
When he tried to leave, Janko says, he was "immediately denounced as an American and Israeli spy and sentenced to 25 years in prison."
"The torture that Mr. Janko endured for the next 18 months included severe beatings, starvation, electric shock with a magneto (a portable generator) with wires attached to toes and ears, near drowning, hanging from the ceiling, the Falaka or beatings of the feet, sleep deprivation, extinguishing cigarettes on his body, threats of death, loud noises, untreated sickness and generally filthy and unsafe detention conditions," Janko says in his 44-page complaint. (Parentheses in complaint.)
Beaten down by the Taliban's torture, Janko says, he was forced to confess on tape that he was a spy, that he engaged in sexually deviant behavior and that he was a drug addict. He says these coerced confessions were broadcast on television for his family and friends to see.