torsdag, oktober 28, 2010

The 2010 Fashion SWAT Horror-ween Frightober Kid's Kostume Spooktacular

Blehhhh! Good evening, fashion fiends! Cursed by a gypsy to return once per year, the diabolical duo of Dr. Thorpenstein and Zackula has once more clawed its way forth from the grave. The worm-eaten ghouls stagger towards you with a grotesque gallery of Halloween costumes for kids. Dare you read on?

Dr. Thorpenstein: BoooOoooOOOooo! It's Halloween time again-- frights and screams abound at every turn! And as anyone who's ever seen Children of the Corn or whose girlfriend has ever been "late" knows, nothing is more spine-chillingly terrifying than kiiiiiiiiids! In this "spooktacular" edition of Fashion SWAT, Dr. Thorpenstein and Zackula take on a collection of mortifying costumes for evil children and creepy babies!

Zackula: A bell tolls. A bat squawks. Somewhere in her bed a witch cackles in her sleep. By the pale light of the unhallowed moon our ghoulish gathering is revealed. Children are in peril, for the most horrifying monster of all lives among us: parents.