fredag, mai 22, 2009

I'm Unapologetically American

If you're like me then you're sick and tired of people blaming America for everything that's wrong with the world. Every action of self-defense or commerce undertaken by the USA is cast in the worst possible light and every national hero, new and old, is vilified as a tool in a monstrous system stretching back more than four centuries.

I want to puke my goddamn guts out every time I hear some grade F sissy rushing to apologize for something America did. These people even act like they feel embarrassed by the United States.

I'm not going to get all John Wayne on you, but it's time to respect our country's accomplishments. I celebrate the United States, warts and all. I'm fed up with jelly-backs, Blame-America-Firsters, and eurocommie wusses trashing My Country.

I am Unapologetically American and it's time to take back the flag!