mandag, mars 09, 2009

Blue Stripe: The Life and Times of a Decontamination Protocol Engineer

Yo, I'm Donald Scoobie. No relation to that old cartoon dog. You can call me "Scooba Don" for short.

I'm 28 and I'm an engineer working on the NX-01 project. We're building the first real starship designed by humans for exploration of the galaxy. It's pretty much an engineer's dream to be assigned to this project. I love it, even if I am low man on the totem pole.

There are plenty of rumors about the ship we are building, but seeing it under construction is a whole other deal. It really pumps you up! Right now my job is just about done here and we're about a week out from the christening. Word is it's going to be called Enterprise. Gaaaaaay. I'd go for something much more awesome like Death Hammer or Dragonslayer. I guess those fruits in Starfleet are too politically correct to ever pick a badass name like that.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself. The story you guys want starts quite a ways back when I first arrived in Minnesota to work on this project.

I went to Faber Tech, third choice behind Stanford and MIT, but it had great campus life so I can't complain. Delta Tau Chi! Woooooo!

Struggling through my first year of grad school I landed the job here at the Warp Five Complex in Bozeman. Home of the Fightin' Cochranes! Go Cochs! My bachelor's turned out to be all the qualification I needed for a program that was gobbling up everyone with a degree in fifty countries.