lørdag, mai 31, 2008

Gruff Tugwar Versus The Space Communists Part 42

(Originally printed in the April 12th, 1953 issue of Bold Adventures)
Chapter 42: The Lady And The Tiger

Gruff paced the perimeter of his space-age teflon cell with grim determination. His eyes were flawless blue sapphires in seas of white milk, cool enough to give women goosebumps and sharp enough to slit the throat of an enemy's will.

Three days had passed since the space communists had captured him in the cavernous center of Asteroid X2J-7.

Gruff had traveled to the asteroid to destroy the tyrannic Ursula Ape Wizard with his bare fists, giving his enemy a sporting chance. Gruff's hands were large and strong and deft, like very fast lions but with fingers. The Ursula Ape had been a worthy opponent, but in the end his head had exploded in a mist of gore like all the rest.