fredag, april 25, 2008

The 6 Most Awful Popes

Pope Benedict XVI visited the United States recently, inspiring a wave of the dreaded pope fever that sweeps across any nation that plays host to any pope. Following on the heels of the ultra-popular John Paul II, the red-shoed Benedict has been more than a little controversial. I say, cut him some slack. Benedict XVI might not be as liberal and open-minded as John Paul II. He might sound a little creepy with that Nazi Doctor accent of his. He might even look like an evil skeleton man looking for Oz. That could all be true, and he is still a pretty good pope. He actually tackled the issue of priests molesting kids. You want a bad Pope? How about a pope that molests kids, and the kids are his relatives, and he has kids with them, and those kids become popes. Benedict XVI wouldn't even make the list of the 50 Most Awful Popes and today we are only bringing you six.