mandag, mars 24, 2008

Profiles in Scourging II: Scourge Harder

Americans approach discussions of race with all the enthusiasm and unguarded honesty teenagers bring to parental talks about ejaculation. In other words, we hate talking about race, especially in mixed company. We share the certainty that no matter what we might say, someone out there is cringing at what we are saying. Confronted with tapes of his Reverend Jeremiah Wright saying things that sounded to white people like evilness, Barack Obama boldly shoved 250 years of racial resentment to the center of public discourse. Meanwhile, America's nemesis overseas, Osama Bin Laden, released his most annoying and petulant manifesto yet, attacking two pillars of modern Western society: the Pope and the editorial cartoonist. Finally, a new addition to Profiles in Scourging we like to call J'accuse! where we point the finger at the most under-castigated shithead in recent days.