fredag, mars 21, 2008

Blue Stripe - The Life and Times of a Delta Quadrant Scam Artist

Hail and greetings to you! I am honored to make your esteemed acquaintances. I am Xorgus P. Wullshik, Imperator at large, ferryman of fetching freight, and purveyor of pulchritudinous paraphernalia.

You will have no doubt by this point and at this occasion detected that my ship is fully unarmed and equipped only with a small quantum engine which my simple species utilizes to transport our vessels across space. I entreat you not to greet my feeble vessel unkindly. I have no doubt a race as advanced and wise as yours possesses weapons that might be employed to bring about the destruction of my craft in seconds.

Oh, it is not battle you seek, but commerce. This is a language I am fluent in, I assure you! Allow me to presume the role of interlocutor for a moment and implore upon your patience to unfurl your list of demands.

Logs? Work logs you say? Something so uncommonly requested I have not seen in many years. Yet it just so happens I have had affairs with a certain Xorgus P. Wullshik who might have just what you are looking for! Oh, well why of course, I am referring to myself and I did not even realize! I have the work logs you desire, although I fear the word "work" does not begin to describe the abject poverty I have endured since I began selling my wares in the Delta Quadrant.