onsdag, februar 13, 2008

McMartin preschool trial

It was alleged that, in addition to having been sexually abused, they saw witches fly, traveled in a hot-air balloon, and were taken through underground tunnels. When shown a series of photographs by Danny Davis, the McMartin's lawyer, one child identified actor Chuck Norris as one of the abusers. There were claims of orgies at car washes and airports, and of children being flushed down toilets to secret rooms where they would be abused, then cleaned up and presented back to their unsuspecting parents. Some children said they were made to play a game called "Naked Movie Star" in which they were photographed nude.

Religious Tolerance

Saken gikk fra 1983 til 1990! Bygningen ble jevnet med jorden, de fant ingen tunneler under huset og ingen ble dømt selv om de satt i fengsel i fem år.